Saturday, March 11, 2006

Getting WebDAV to Work with Calendar

I have a series of bars in San Francisco and I want to share our daily calendars for events, new projects etc... so I started looking at iCal using WebDAV and Sunbird or Calendar.

After following all of the install directions from :
I ran into some problems. First off installing apache mod_dav for multi users requires a lock files.... none of this is directly stated anywhere so when you add :
DAVLockDB /var/db/DAVLock
to your httpd.conf it really means two files under /var/db :
and they both must be in your www user/group and you must create them
As for your config, in the apache docs it never explicited tells you whether to put DAV On in a Directory or Location tab, I used a directory tab and it works well:

AuthType Basic
AuthName DAV
AuthUserFile /home/stuff/.htpasswd

require user admin

The last item that tripped me up was that calendar does create blank ics files... so you need to create a blank calendar file with the permissions for your webserver, for example doug.ics would have :
If you dont have that and you have a blank file instead calendar will say its invalid.

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