Sunday, March 12, 2006

Installing OpenSUSE on a SuperMicro with an Adaptec 2015S

What you need to do to ensure OpenSUSE and mkinitrd will see your Adaptec 2015S after install

The adaptec 2015s supermicro system needs to be installed with the i20 block driver, it will install fine but will not boot after the system is successfully installed, or at least it didnt for me with OpenSUSE 10.x, after installing you need to boot with the install disk again then get to the unix command line and edit /etc/sysconfig/kernel , it will have a line:
INITRD_MODULES="piix i2o_core i2o_block i2o_config processor thermal fan reiserfs"
make sure all 3 i2o drivers are listed... the block driver was excluded in my install....
Once it is added the 2015S works fine.

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