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My current resume

Doug Dalton
ddalton at
San Francisco, CA
• Proven track record of successful mergers and acquisitions (Inex to Troy Systems, Knowledge Universe acquisitions, and to Estee Lauder Companies).
• 10 years of hands-on experience designing and developing transition plans between several next generation systems from legacy systems on time and under budget.
• 8 years experience managing teams across multiple global locations (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Brazil, and Australia)
• Successful collaboration with executive teams on strategic business models, identifying technology solutions, and managing the successful execution of the technology initiatives.
• Diverse technology expertise
• Selected by Keybridge L.L.C. CEO to be a member of corporate advisory board.
• Selected to be Advisor to the Tides foundation, the largest US Non-Profit Organization.
• Founded Neopolitan Networks in 2001, developing target markets, evaluation of wireless broadband solutions, product definition and business plan development which lead to its funding in January 2002 by Oakstone Venture Partners.
• In 2002, founded Starvine Corporation, as CTO, to lead product development, market focus, and competitive analysis. Delivering a prototype in January 2003.
• Marketing and product development experience: Managed internal/external teams of creative designers, writers, and web architects.
Chief Technology Officer, BranchIt Corporation, 2004-Current
• Complete development of a Data Mining / Social Networking Platform
• Integration with Microsoft and WebDAV products
• Established 3 tier architecture to scale to 100+ Million relations
• Developed internal interaction processes for QA, engineering and operations.
• Opensource development platform based on best of breed technologies (PHP/MySQL)
Chief Technology Officer, Telecom Italia Mobile USA, 2003-2004
• Managed a team of 50 engineers in 2 countries. Supervising software development, operations, customer care and research and development for a network of 17 carriers in 10 countries.
• Reorganization of team to remove legacy structures, resulting changes resulted in higher performance with reduced headcount to meet board of directors profitability expectations.
• Established a formalized internal product pipeline.
• Developed internal interaction processes for QA, engineering and operations.
• Removal of single points of failure from the infrastructure and the applications.
• Managed mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic partnerships.
• Development and deployment of STK and J2me based applications. R&D with Brew and Symbian applications.
• 99.9% availability for high throughput telecom grade java based applications.
Chief Technology Officer, Estee Lauder Companies, 1999-2001
• Built and managed a division of 42 team members, including four directors. Supervised software development, operations, website design, and quality assurance.
• Managed the successful development and deployment of 16 media and ecommerce sites
• Identified and met technology goals for the company based on long-term product and profitability goals.
• Deployed the core infrastructure for the ELC online website including development and integration of accounting, supply chain management, fulfillment, ecommerce, and reporting systems on the ATG Dynamo java based (J2EE) application server.
• Key player in Gloss's acquisition by Estee Lauder Companies.
Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Knowledge Universe, 1998-1999
• Managed a team of 12 employees, including one director, and one manager.
• Participated on the KU acquisition team led by Michael Milken, that manages a $.5 B account funded by Michael Milken, Rupert Murdoch and Larry Ellison.
• Built and managed the operations team, merging the IT operations of KU's 20 companies under a unified IT facility of the parent corporation including redundancy and disaster recovery plans.
Director of Network Engineering, Netscape Communications, 1996-1998
• Hands-on management experience includes: four engineers in three countries supervising website operations, infrastructure engineering, and site design; Netscape's Network Engineering and Website Architecture teams; global website infrastructure expansion and maintenance; network peering agreements and partnerships.
• Strategic engineer for new technology discovery and implementation. Implemented IP Next Generation for the Netscape website, as well as Topological DNS (network traffic localization) and SONET/OC3/OC12 technologies. Responsible for the core systems, such as e-mail, calendar programs, Internet connectivity, and general infrastructure systems.
• Managed Netscape's extranet hosting initiative for companies like Ford Motor Company
• Built and implemented a global disaster recovery plan using pioneering technology.
Chief Technical Officer, Inex L.L.C. (Internet Technology Incubator) 1994-1996
• Managed a team of five engineers.
• Led product engineering, operations, and project development.
• Led the engineering and operational support of Inex incubated ideas including:
o An Internet service provider and services hosting Internet based training and education.
o Satellite Internet network services (partnered with Comsat).
o Managed the sale of all incubated ideas and finalized the sale of the company model to Troy Systems in Washington D.C.
Backbone/Core Network and Systems Engineering, Global One/ Sprint 1994-1996
• Core Engineer in team successfully deploying the first global Internet backbone.
• Developed global network architecture design and deployment.
• Developed support systems, network monitoring and customer services (News, Mail, and Domain Name Services) development and deployment.
George Mason University
MS in Computer Science
Research: The C3 Constraints Object-Oriented Database System
Emory and Henry College
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Sociology
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)
Bay Area Wireless Users Group (BAWUG)
Technology expertise includes but is not limited to ATG Dynamo, WebLogic, Blue Martini, Oracle, Peoplesoft, C++, C, SQL, Perl, PHP, Java, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Irix, AIX, Windows NT, Cisco, BGP, OSPF, ISIS, 802.11a/b, 802.16, and 802.1x.

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