Thursday, February 28, 2008

BakeOff - The Blackjack 2 vs Moto Q Global

I recently ended my contract with Verizon to get a new PDA phone from AT&T. I wanted wifi and a touchscreen, but unless I wanted to carry a brick, I mean the tilt, i was SOL. I decided I would look at the Moto Q9h or Global vs the Backjack 2. The blackjack 2 was the first I tried. I am going to keep this simple:
The are both 3g, no wifi, 2.0 megapixel cameras and bluetooh

Form factor
Size (fits well in the pocket)
different message and text indicators
led for charging and also email indication etc
more windows mobile controls for look and feel
better hot keys to lock and get to the task manager
SPEED, the blackjack 2 is sluggish
The dial wheel is unresponsive for at least one turn.
Phonecalls are hard to hear
The moto Q9h
keyboard (much easier for me to type on)
call quality - loud and clear, easy to use
camera flash- it has a very bright camera flash that does its job in low light
SPEED-while not noticeably faster than the blackjack 2 initially while running regularly it is substantially faster
accessories- it comes with a usb to mini usb adapter, opera browser, a better IM client, documents to go, a headphone adapter and a 2nd battery for extended use!
if this guy had wifi and a touchscreen it would be perfect.
the hotkeys are not very good.
The windows key is awkward.
every once and a while the interface locks during heavy processing or heavy communication, this doesnt happen in the blackjack ii
I recommend the q9h over the blackjack 2, I usually am not a moto fan, but this is an good phone.

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