Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to make your Dell m1210 into a Mac (dual boot with Vista)

First off, I take no responsibility for any damage done to your computer, I am just explaining a possible way to get mac osx running on a dell m1210, if you break your computer, dont cry to me. Also buy osx, if you are from apple, make osx for regular pc's so I dont have to do this.

First off you are going to need some things:

-Utorrent here

-IMG burn here

-The OSX86 driver disk for the m1210 (only if you plan to upgrade to 10.5.3) Download file

-Kalyway OSX ISO 10.5.2 Download file

-Kalyway Combo Update 10.5.3 (only if you plan to upgrade to 10.5.3) Download file

-Your Vista install dvd

Things you should know now before starting...

-Scary things will happen (drives will have problems, but hopefully this will walk you through that) but you should be fairly os savvy before using this, I dont go into a mass of detail but if you email me I will add more

-if you have the nvidia card, your computer or monitor cant go into sleep mode, it just wont work

Check this blog for update on Nvidia (

-if you have the 1394 wifi card you will have to follow the iwidarwin project (iwidarwin) which had stopped as of the time I wrote this , I recommend the Dell 1390, it works out of the box

- this process causes osx to load by default, if you dont want that, dont follow this ( I will work on a fix for this but I dont have one yet)>

- Audio does not work without a different how to

Ok first burn all your ISO's and the pkg updates and osx drivers to a cd/dvd.

With the Gparted ISO:

If you are shrinking your drive, first off find the drive that has your Vista install, this is usually the largest.

#1 If you have a spare 15-30gig partition skip to step #2

-Load Gparted and delete all the other partitions but the vista partition, (NOTE: I dont use the media direct, if you do, dont follow this, because this will delete media direct)

- move (using resize/move) the vista partition to the very front of the drive and allow for 15-30gigs at the end of the drive (for macos) (this takes forever so get dinner and a movie)

#2 make your second partition (the empty one) a NTFS partition with the label "OSX"

#3 set the attributes to the partition to bootable or boot

(now vista wont load but dont worry about that yet)

With the Kalyway 10.5.2 ISO :

Once the DVD boots it will ask you for the language, then tells you to agree to kalyways terms, click agree, then their will be a bar at the top that says Utilities

-click utilities -> disk utility

-pick your "OSX partition"

-click Erase

Choose volume format macos extended journaled

label it OSX

- click Erase

-once completed close the window

-in the main window now it will ask you to choose and install location

choose the osx partition

-next it will ask you to install (DONT)>


under this use all the default settings

- Graphics

if you want the computer to sleep correctly choose INTEL GMA

otherwise if you have the Nvidia card choose nvida

- Network Drivers->Network Cards

Choose AppleBCM440xEthernet

Under Patches -> leave the SMBIOS all as the default

and choose the rest (boot_with_cpus=1 is the most important)

then Close and install

OSX should boot and work fine

next getting vista working

- get your vista boot disk

- load the vista install

- click repair

- under repair it wont find anything

-click next or whatever and it will show a page one option is cmd prompt

-click command prompt

-type the following


select disk 0

list part

(usually osx is part 2)

select part 1


go back to the window with the utilities and hit repair

it will say your disk has been repaired


vista should now come up

after vista boots (it may need to boot twice to repair completely)

then go to command prompt

type the following


select disk 0

select part 2


Now you are set... when you reboot your system, the darwin boot loader will give you 5 seconds to stop the boot (by pressing any key)

it will label OS *usually and OSX,

choose OS for Vista

choose OSX for Mac OSX

to upgrade to 10.5.3

boot into osx

place the drivers / 10.5.3 combo pkg update into the CD drive

-click and install the combo package update (it will ask you to reboot at the end DONT!)

-click the kernel package (install both kernels)

-now reboot

-hit the F8 key in the boot loader

-type update -v

The system will boot and possibly reboot ... then you will need to reinstall the ApplceBCM440xEthernet driver

reboot into osx

place your OSX drivers CD back in the drive and
go to system/library/extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/contents/plugins and drag AppleBCM440xEthernet.kext from the CD in there and replace

Open Applications->Utilities->terminal

(type the following)

sudo -s

*give password*

cd /system/library/extensions

rm extensions.mkext extensions.kextcache

chown -r root:wheel *.kext

kextcache -k /system/library/extensions


Now reboot

Now everything should work fine again.

Last but not least the clock fix

boot into osx and unset the clock to update from apple automatically

then go into applications->utilities->terminal

1. Create new file /sbin/localtime-toggle with the following contents:

type vi /sbin/localtime-toggle

type i

type ESC

type :wq!

2. at the promple type:

chmod +x /sbin/localtime-toggle

3. Create new file :

at the prompt type
vi /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.osx86.localtime-toggle.plist

type i

type ESC

type :wq!

4. Reboot.

(set your clock to update automatically in windows)

Please send me errors you run into or suggestions on how to make this better

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