Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Apple fights back with the death grip videos

Apple, in an battle to defend their exposed Iphone 4 antenna,  has tried to smear every other phone manufacturer for having attenuation problems.  If every other phone really had this problem that would make sense but the Iphone 4’s problem is very different than the common “death grip” attenuation problem. Apple exposed their antenna,  allowing your hand to bridge the two antennas and cause attenuation as seen here at the bridge point

No other phone Apple has mentioned has an unexposed antenna,  they are trying to redirect a obvious design problem towards another issue,  if Apple were to cover this exposed antenna this would not be as big problem,  some humorous products are already out there:


apple iphone 4 antenna-aid


Hopefully Apple will pick up their dropped ball,  but it seems like for now,  they would rather keep the shiny design rather than a less conductive covered surface, choosing design over function.

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